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Marcie is currently a lead instructor at Carousel Theatre, teaching children aged 3-17.  She also teaches creative writing for the Creative Writing for Children Society (CWC). She has taught at numerous theatre and writing camps, including the Mount Royal University Summer Camp, Carousel Theatre, CWC Summer Camp, and the Write It, Read It camp for the Whistler Public Library. Internationally, she has taught at the CWC Wizards Camp in Korea, and worked as an artist-in-residence in Thailand.

Some of Marcie’s most popular workshops are described below.

Creating Character Through Voice
This voice-over workshop is focused on creating unique voices for students in developing and writing their own characters, and for theatre students in helping to find their characters true voice. Using an interactive presentation and a series of worksheets, Marcie leads activities in vocal warm-ups and provides guidance in helping students discover unique character voices. At the end of the workshop, each student has the opportunity to record a character voice and present to the class. This workshop can be taught for writing and theatre students aged 7-17.

The Spectacular World Through Spectacles
This workshop focuses on looking at the world through different eyes to better understand characters, each other, and creating new imaginary worlds. Marcie leads by helping guide students through various activities and discussions on the importance of costumes and props in the acting world. Through the making of their own individual crafted spectacles, the students are left with more insight into bringing to life and creating new characters, or continuing in developing current ones. This workshop makes a great curriculum connection to The Wizard of Oz or other fantasy tales. This workshop can be taught for writing and theatre students aged 7-17.

Playing and Learning Through Acting
Creative lesson plans in teaching students the fundamentals of the acting world and building a strong foundation through movement, voice, and script work (depending on the age groups.) Through various activities, improve games, skits, and showcases, the main focus is in helping students to build self-esteem, improve confidence, increase focus, teamwork, ignite imagination, and support unique individual creativity. Classes can be taught through a series of classes or through workshops for students aged 7-17.